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Michelangelo Di Lorenzo, aka Mikyart, graduated as an illustrator at the Scuola Superiore d'Arte of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan.

On the centenary of the foundation of the School a book is published with the best works of the 100 years, including one of his own, in recognition of his art.

Since then he dedicates himself with passion to drawing and deepening his artistic technique, taking part in refresher courses and numerous exhibitions.

Professional airbrush works in his studio in via Gaslini 1, taking commissions and performing works and works also on request.

From the reproduction of reality, made excellently in the accuracy of the detail through the brush-airbrush technique with water colors on cardboard, Mikyart has developed his art reaching an imaginative emotional-symbolic hyperrealism, creating a completely new reality imagined by his imagination.

He also dedicated himself to Spray Art, using spray paint cans, and creating imaginative astral landscapes.

He then specialized in the large-scale reproduction of his smaller works of refined workmanship. This avant-garde technique allows him to obtain great pictorial effects on large surfaces.

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